Thursday, June 23, 2016

Glandular calcification - 3 Direction

That's my theory - and I'm working off of that idea from this point on.

Direction of Hardening
Once the thymus is calcified, the loss of function could move up or down. I think this depends on the stressors in the environment. Emotional and mental stressors move it up, survival & nutritive stressors move it down.

If it's followed by the heart chakra and the solar plexus, downwards, diabetes would be in the cards. But that's a few decades away for most. Even though children will notice they have sugar in their urine, their bodies will soldier on anyway.

If it moves up to the thyroid and then forehead chakras, fear, scepticism and probably cancer on the way. Higher, and I think, TB, with it's dangerously compromised immunity and imminent fatality.

The interesting thing is that emotionally too, victims and aggressors seem to be created around this time for their lock and key relationship. Maybe it is from the mother and child imbalance that this degeneration begins. Even inadvertently, because of nature, for eg., the runt of the litter doesn't get enough rich mother's milk and falls behind in growth.

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