Thursday, June 23, 2016

Glandular calcification - 2

The glands that harden first are doubtlessly in the region of the heart chakra, perhaps unsurprisingly too, since the throat and head still have much work to do in growth. The region of the heart chakra balances the upper and lower chakras, and is most easily affected in childhood. It makes memories, settling us down to life after birth. A mother's love and milk anchor the child into reality. (I actually have a memory of sorts from this time, though everyone tells me it's just imagination! my mom esp!:)

The thymus gland must be the first to go. As the flow of our immunity from our mothers dries up, this gland loses it's flexibility, size and function. (I wonder why though? I wonder if breast feeding longer would have avoided this condition that we accept today as normal!)

My friend actually stopped breast feeding her son when she felt he had grown conscious of her beast - so modern day embarrassment plays a big role in this. An aunt if mine breastfed her son until he was three and was considered a social disaster by the women of the family!

Maybe part of the problem behind with an imbalance in the breast milk - a kind of stress related malnutrition. I've seen that the more fearful the mom cat the quicker the disease sets in in her children. The sicker the mother, again the glandular hardening in kittens intensifies. The mother and kits are a continuum and a statement about the environment they live in.

How important childhood is to a child - with love, security, nutrition and protection, all of this glandular hardening could be avoided or at least postponed for 4-6 decades! But Life happens to the poor creatures ... and we get sceps, narcs and the like - sadly, even in cat and dog populations!;(

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