Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Geomagnetic storms and fip (feline infectious peritonitis), distemper

The last kp5/6 storm I lost a kitten (Shillas), this kp6, 2 more (1 stripes', 1 terrace b&g's). One last night at the height of the storm and another the day before yesterday. 7 - 9/10? kittens have survived this season, so moving to solar and geomagnetic remedies has had results. Just not all.:(

The connection between solar activity and infant animal death (and in the old) seems more and more possible.

Fluoride seems central.

Drew fl ac, phos ac, plumb met, sil, thallium, mgt p arc, mgt p aust., Kali iod, borax, natrums (sulph/mur/phos).

In plant remedies puls, gels, Physostigma, opium, etc mostly neuromuscular disorder remedies.

From the inorganic set I think acids, halogens, diamagnetics are key to healing both the abdominal paralysis, hardening and natrums for the extracellular fluid imbalance.

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