Saturday, June 4, 2016

Funny eating: dogs and cats

My dogs do a strange thing. They wait for the cats to finish eating and then consume their leftovers. So you'll see huge dogs sitting patiently by a little kitten struggling manfully to eat its fill, nonchalantly, under enormous canine pressure. This used to amuse and puzzle me a great deal.

For a while I'd shoo the dog away thinking it wanted a fattened Hansel or Gretel and it was watching its meal ripen! But I began to notice that the cats make a huge production of tempting the dogs by eating in their area or path and then visibly 'giving away' edible chunks to their favorite canine charity.

This got me thinking and just the other day I had an insight: What if that's the natural relationship in the wild that they're mimicking here?

In nature, big cats hunt and small dingo dogs consume their left overs. As do other dog-like species. How strange that they'd have a vestigial memory of that despite the size reversals of today's larger dogs and smaller cats! Even today, they'll wait and clean up the bony bits that the messy furball leaves behind. I've even seen these miniature kings of the jungle deliberately eat just the best bits of several pieces and royally leave the rest for the dogs! lol! :)

There's some kind of symbiosis at work here. There must be a microbiome continuum between the dog and cat that we've interrupted in separating and domesticating these two linked species.

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