Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Flaccid paralysis ... from the sun?

I've read about the 45.6k children developing flaccid abdominal paralysis after their polio vas and I was initially shocked. That they wouldn't stop after the first 100 kids, or even the first 1000, 10,000 ... I felt it was unforgivable.

But recently I realised that it was the same disease state as distemper in kittens during the abdominal stage. Right now I have one of terrace b&g's kittens with it. It's like IBD without the hardening, but there's no muscular strength at all. There were a few cases last year. It's just another childhood disease - human or animal without a cure. Maybe vax makes it worse, but my cats aren't vaxxed.

The disease could be caused by the sun, for all we know, especially since it gets worse in rising and falling kp and appears to be a blood disorder relating to geomagnetism.

The remedy for it is Plumb met in homeopathy. I've yet to see it work though - earlier I didn't have it and now I have bought it on some potencies - plumb met 200 is what the paralyzed kitten is drawing. I thought Lachesis, but though she drew it, there's no improvement.

(Plumb met 200, Kali iod 30, Pyrogen 3, Gunpowder 10m in that order. Before that a shitload of remedies I won't list until they repeat.)

This drawing of lead along with Flint Water Crisis and the discovery that water across the U.S is contaminated makes me wonder if water is lead -contaminated here in India as well. What if this lead issue isn't just from pipes but groundwater? And if it is a worldwide phenomenon?

Even worse, what if it's some kind of blood poisoning drawing out lead and other heavy metals especially, maybe in an attempt to sheild the body from the sun?

Even more worrying, what if it isn't lead at all - all the heavy metals bear an energy resemblance to each other - how do I heal it?

If it's some kind of radiation poisoning I don't know all the remedies for it yet. Maybe these heavy metal remedies are antidotal to the radiation.

For instance, the antidote to magnetus polus arcticus is Merc!

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