Monday, June 6, 2016

First geomagnetic remedy success!

Early yet but I think Mag p arctic 10m has some good effect! I'd bought 6x first, and when the kittens calmed with it, I bought 30, 1m, 10m. I have to buy it even higher! if only I had this for oldiefatty.

The dogs are calmer and the male cats aren't fighting. The females like shilla who were erratic have calmed too, though the gold & black from the terrace played madly in a storm high, but better than getting treed as she usually does. She hasn't fed her 3 kittens but she is visiting them.

We found two and put them together, she brought a third in yesterday to safety - the first time she's shown sense in parenting.

I slept for hours though until the magstorm broke and it began to rain, so many animals haven't been fed on the streets. But other than a mild headache,  tired arms and a little untimely sleep, I've not felt any effect of the rising kp this time.

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