Sunday, June 26, 2016

All the chakras mixed up

I have no idea why I've been unable to fix remedy to chakra as easily as I used to. The problem has grown worse in the last 6 months. For the first 3 months on twitter, it was relatively easy. I thought chat made me lose track, but it has stayed hard and grown harder with each geomagnetic storm. And with it I'd swear I'm losing time sense as well (different from the brain fogging of the past few years, now it's more like time speeding by).

(I've lost track of two packs of dogs as well - Rocky's and the Indira group. Both very stable but I've not had enough food to visit either and when I do, I can't find them! I'm not going to stress out - I hope they've not been picked up by the dogvans. I just can't cope if I think about all that could happen.)

About 3 months ago I realized the remedies of the moon cycle were shifting around, some weirdness. I thought that being healed meant that the waxing and waning cycles kept the energy medicines required moving further away in the cycle. But it's happening with chakras too!

Kali iod should have been a throat chakra remedy (if the thyroid is what it works on as per allopathy) but it works on the solar plexus.

Floric acid should have worked on the pineal and so forehead or crown chakra but it works on the root now!

I'm not sure what's going on. Only the plant remedies show some of the old correlations are still intact. Is this because they're carbon-based?

My guides no longer care about the moon cycle healing and want me on the sun remedies. What's up with that too? Has the body's focal point shifted from the moon to the sun now?

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