Monday, May 2, 2016

Virgos & Twitter

I've lost touch with destiny. Of course, her life must be really stressed right now, but I did expect to have her communicate a lot more over gmail than she did.

It is a boring medium after the speed of Twitter, but I think there's a star sign propensity too for Virgos to glow when watched by an audience and fade in a one-on-one. I've often been accused of that and it's true! Also Virgo women have little to say to other women and enjoy male attention best. Both those probably applied in this situation. Off Twitter there's no audience and no males around.

And then perhaps being hounded by sceps made me appear more interesting than I am, or more popular (which was just what it was *not* about!:) or she felt compelled to defend me on T while off it it was no longer necessary.

Whatever it was, and I hope not her legal mess, I miss her bright, intelligent conversation! Also her brave defiance in a hopeless situation and her chat about her cat, Felix. She was such a good companion to him. I liked her weird poetry and videos and her RTs of crazy, paranormal stories. Everything short of the British lizard people interested her. Lol!

She certainly shone on Twitter as do most Virgos. Funny that the sceps never took to her - either to argue or to criticise and interact. I think she'd have loved that and they would have too.

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