Monday, May 30, 2016

Two flies live

Not sure but I might have revived two flies with my prana breath (seriously, I was sure the guides were pulling my leg with this)! Still not sure though.

They'd drowned in water and weren't moving, bloated. Usually I give them a little Reiki after rescue but after I throw them and just give them up as dead.

Today I breathed a few times on two of them (always in great danger of hyperventilating, lol. I'm still not doing it right.:), kept them aside when they weren't moving and went off to do some work. I came back to check and one fatty fly was sitting where it was previously lying on it's back unmoving, and it flew away. I checked around for a body swap but there were no dead ones lying around. Thrilled to bits!

For years I've noticed that Reiki continues to be drawn by the dead long after the heart stops beating and all signs of life are gone. In insects for a few hours, in animals and humans sometimes for days. Humans can draw energy upto 14-15 days after their death and the body rots!

I've wondered if there was Life still in so many little ones after they've died and gone cold. What if it's a coma and I'm burying it alive? What if a hot water bottle will warm it back to life? So much stress in my mind over giving up and letting go. This prana breathing adds to my confusion about death and dying!!

With the second fly I tried with greater confidence even though it was deader (even less Reiki drawn:) and breathed on it longer. Again it stayed dead as long as I was aroundand holding it. I put it in a sheltered place and took a break from the breath gymnastics. When I came back 5 mins later it was gone! No bodies lying around either so probably flown away.

Maybe it does work, this prana breathing. But where does this leave me? Will it push disease out of the body and heal - that would be ideal. I can use it on the sick, but what about the disease and will it mean they'll live to suffer again? it ha to be a complete cure with life returning, like it is with Reiki or it is meaningless.

Can it be used on the dead as long as they draw energy? Again with accident victims, the old and very sick, it has to come guaranteed with perfect health or no go.

The one thing strange is that they came back to life only when I left. Is there a time gap between the healing and getting healed in this as well?

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