Monday, May 9, 2016

The sun and DNA?

I'm really dragging my feet on the genetics front - hate most of what they're doing these days to animals in it. So unsavoury and unethical science is!

I wish I could just get their theories as it apples to humans and then use it for my animals! As usual science has it backwards.

well anyway here's my theory of what happens with the sun's unhealthy radiations and activity. Maybe all the DNA of life on earth is modified by the sun. The photosynthetic microorganisms and their organelle relatives, the mitochondria, are altered by the sun. This affects cell respiration and when it does, cell death and reproduction as well.

Homeopathy changes that by stabilizing the cell energy, vibration and resorting balance.

I read on twitter that a homeopath had said that changing one cell with homeopathy changed the disease. That's right there with current theories about mitochondrial migration between cells during their reproductive phase when they import a healthy mitochondria and kill off the sick ones.

Though I think it's mostly done by changing the vibration, there is a die-off, the 'aggravation' that is so terrifying in homeopathy. more later.

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