Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The mystic veil lifting

Sceps. I hate them and love to hate them. But mostly because they're right, but still, not really right at all.:d

Take this Fibonacci site debunking the mysticism ( https://www.lhup.edu/~dsimanek/pseudo/fibonacc.htm ) Gawd, he's absolutely right, of course he is! All of us have seen that the nautilus isn't perfectly aligned to the diagram! All of us have thought, "but what about the 4-leaf clover? Or that flower in my garden that's got 7?" but we idiot mystics brush it aside. Why? Because that's how we live with our mental fuzzinesses. And what's more, we get the general idea and that's exciting - not because of God or argument of design and order in the universe (since I'm an atheist I read over all that shit, as I do all the stuff not written for me specifically, 'he/his/him', and ignore it:) but because it's magic and it fires a deep creativity and all the mystery takes our breath away! The mystery of the universe, not math.

That's why I hate sceps. They get something right, but it's never the right thing! (Note to myself to write a piece about their totally idiotic understanding of psychic surgery!)

My annoyance with sceps goes like this: "ya, I know you're right but now go away I don't want to know you anymore and I hate  you". plus "killjoy badboi". (I couldn't find the words to describe the degree of annoyance that goes with those feelings.:p:)

This is part of a problem I've had all my life - there is a 'through the looking glass' quality to living with this otherness. I've talked about this before on this blog.

Sceps are either determined not to see or can't see (I've settled that either-or dilemma - it's the latter). Their vision won't blur and spread like ours to catch the shimmering just beyond, theirs is like a laser forever.

Vasu, the artist, and his sciencey 6 yr old son were educational to watch together. Vasu would say, "Because of you, our kids grew up vegan. We never buy milk" and "we have 6 dogs we feed on the street because you taught us love for our own native dogs." And his son was on a scep autocorrect mode,"we're vegan, but we buy milk for the dogs, daddy" and "we've got 5 not 6, so-and-so died last month, daddy!" Neither could help himself - Vasu, the brilliant artist, can't think without a wide perspective, his scientist-to-be son can't bear the lack of accuracy and the accumulation of error in the conversation!:)

I'm like Vasu. While I do occasionally try to make a square peg fit in a round hole (true), and I've often been accused of finding reality not 'good enough' (which is also true:), I see more than the sceps, so I find their straight amd narrow suffocating. They in turn would probably see our fuzziness as lying, facts being facts and us not sticking to them, yada yada.

So never the twain, etc.

But there's another problem: the gods are not with us, I'll swear, or haven't been for years! For whatever reason, magic cloaks itself from reasoning eyes leaving us looking foolish. I can say that for the first 15 years of healing, and maybe even now, every successful healing I've done with Reiki or homeopathy vanishes like so much mist in the sun when a scep shows up.

I'm glum but accepting of that reality now. If I avoid sceps it's because they're a jinx. A perfectly good healing might just reverse if they turn their evil eye on it!

For so many years I fought to show that it worked. A kitten will survive FIP because of homeopathy so clearly that I can see it visibly grow stronger after an aggravation. But the animal lover would say, "the dewormer the vet gave 3 weeks ago must have kicked in!" or "how well the antibiotic we've been giving the kitten worked!" Nooo!! it wouldn't have, until I'd given the kitten homeopathy and Reiki, which I can't prove   made it all gel and they completely forget.

It's also so much like magic that even the animal has trouble believing. I remember this very sick puppy I healed for about a half an hour while it slept on the street. He was running a high temperature, couldn't focus his eyes, could barely walk, joints were giving way until he collapsed.

He woke up after with a start, found himself well, forgot he had been sick and began barking at me. He couldn't figure out how a complete stranger could be sitting so close to him, the idiot amnesiac. But he was well as if he'd never been sick - bright eyes, running around ... I was astonished too.

This masking of energy work is crazy but appears to be systemic across all healing. It's either a part of it or an 'eye of the beholder' problem or something else.

But this kind of veiling doesn't happen so much these days. Now when I heal and the animal stays healed everyone sees it clearly and no one doubts it. Now more and more everyone even sees the stages of healing and comments on it.

I wonder why it has changed.

Is it some new planetary shift or something we healers have achieved with our repeated demonstration of effect? How is it growing clearer?

I hope both - change and our effort! But I'm afraid of disappointment too. The guides want me back on twitter, ok, I'll go, but it's a scep world and it's ugly!:(

I fear mostly that it's only a temporary lifting of the veil before it is slammed down forever with  sceptic finality. That's what they're trying to do on twitter.

Maybe gloomy science will finally discover that psychics, mystics and alt medders are all forms of pathological insanity (at the same time as they invent and sell a brainwave modifier prosthetic to cut off alpha and theta waves from ever showing up in thinking again! Burn, mystics, burn in the new scientific inquisition! Never feel a meditation again, biyach! Be like us, ground bound sceps! *muahahah*!:D:)

With their uniformity (sceps all look, feel, sound alike and that is no coincidence) their control issues and their hatred of difference (let alone betterness), this could very well happen.

I hope these guides aren't insisting I go back to argue! I'd  hate that.:(

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