Thursday, May 5, 2016

The drip-drip-drip of scep derision

Most people have heard of the Chinese water torture which drives people insane. Growing up with over two dozen kids my age, we even tried it (along with ouija boards, this was one of the more spooky experiences! Something terrible about  waiting for the next drop). That's how out is with sceps and narcs. They drain the life out of anyone around them with their wearying, scornful technique (or lack thereof) of conversation. Every line is a conversation-ender in real life.:)

The difference this time around chatting with them for me is that I realised that they just couldn't understand, not that they didn't want to. The poor things brains have got rewired permanently somewhere along the cynical line growing up.

I did my best to explain as much as I could to every limited scep who'd listen, and then gave up. I wanted to reach some of the more receptive ones, Matt especially (who'd even threaten to evaluate homeopathy negatively for the NHS if we didn't help him get it!:) But once I knew they couldn't make the leap, I just gave up trying. I've seen this kind of learning disability before (even in myself when I moved to calculus from matrices) and it needs a whole new beginning to build the right foundational brain circuitry.

My first experience of energy was when I was around 6 or younger. I felt myself merging with everything around a few times. I thought it was normal, that that's how all kids connected with nature. I didn't realise it was unique until almost two decades later.

Then doing 'witch circles', ouija boards, ghost stories and scaring ourselves silly through our childhood years, I again thought everyone could feel what I felt, and think what I thought. Turns out no one did, lol. They were really playing while I was making huge adjustments to my understanding of the world to include those experiences and explain them.

It's circuitry like this, where you merge contradictions and complexity to reach a higher knowing of things, that prepare the groundwork for Hahnemann and homeopathy to make sense, and to even see the genius in it. Because homeopathy is, without doubt, the pinnacle of western healing.

These poor sceptics have nothing to start from. I'd have done everything in my power to help them see if i only knew where to start. They're all too ... too mundane for magic, as Piers Anthony might say!:)

The problem is that scepticism is not new or exclusively educated either (just as not every alt medder is uneducated, misled, etc) I've meet sceptic teasellers, panwallas, policemen, rowdies. After all, sceps only want proof, and egocentric men have always used proof as a weapon against changing their thinking.

It's really change in their thinking that they're fighting, not us homeopaths or healers. They can't find the mental energy to change.

I've been so tempted to do a parody scep account on Twitter, I can't tell ya!:) I was so frustrated that I wanted to mock their limited ways, show them how easy it was to be one of them. But that would have been cruel and unkind. One day I hope they'll get to where we are - maybe through the great leap of a Reiki attunement or falling in love or some great change-maker. The angels love them enough to make it happen.

Damn them for the karma that  they're unnecessarily accumulating in the meantime with their meanness though! Do they really have to attack everyone, wish them badly, scorn the weak, gang up like bullies? Rascally sceps, patience! Don't build up gunk in your head-space. Leave room to grow!

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