Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sun effects

The gods probably took pity on me when I'd finally got a handle on the moon remedies and pointed to the sun. (Or they have a terrible sense of humour since this is another tedious tangent!:)

In a completely unrelated thing, I began to communicate with my higher self around March. She pointed to the sun as the cause and it felt right from the start. I got really excited (even though with all mushy pineal gland types there's a fine line between intuition and imagination.:)

The great sun-worshipping civilizations that disappeared - Egypt's pharaohonic, Mohenjodaro, Harappa, Kujaraho, Konark, Mayan - all of them believed the weather was dependent on the sun. Not on the modern western way of the sun and photosynthesis, but in the traditional way of it being a death-giving God as well, altering the weather on a whim to critically damage Life as sustain it with its rays. Enough to sacrifice people to appease it - I don't believe our brains have evolved at all since then, so they were as intelligent as us. So what did they live through?

The archeological evidence points to the last Pharoah's reign having to deal with the disappearance of surface water and disappearance of the Nile leading to decades-long famine. Diseases would obviously spike in a changing climate. The Indus Valley and Mesopotamian civilizations too lost their rivers (the Indus and the Euphrates and Tigris respectively) towards the end of theirs. There were drastic planetary shifts that destroyed those flourishing communities. What was the effect of the sun that they dreaded so much?

I began to follow space weather. Complicated stuff, eh.  The geomagnetic storms are complicated phenomena. This is how yesterday's reads:

" GEOMAGNETIC INFO: The Earth is still inside the fast solar wind with the speed of about 570 km/s. The interplanetary magnetic field magnitude is rather stable during last 10 hours and it amounts 5 nT. Due to the negative value of the Bz component of the interplanetary magnetic field (down to -7 nT) and the fast solar wind speed (about 550 km/s), geomagnetic storm conditions (NOAA reported planetary K index to be 5 and local station at Dourbes reported K=4) were reported before the midnight on May 02. Small equatorial coronal hole has reached central meridian this morning. The associated fast solar wind can be expected at the Earth on May 06.Currently, the Bz component of the interplanetary magnetic field amounts about 1 nT and the geomagnetic conditions are quiet to unsettled. However, if the value of the Bz component decreases again, the intervals of the active and storm conditions are possible in the coming hours.
Today's estimated International sunspot number (ISN): 70, based on 21 stations"

lol!! So I've got my hands full. To start with, the kp index is more than enough. Both kp rising and falling has a massive effect on our mental health.

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