Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sun effects on weather

I'm going to roughly explain what I think the sun does to the weather.

The sun isn't evenly hot or radiating uniformly. There are solar flares that throw out protons thousands of miles into space. There are sun spots, whirlpools that radiate x rays from within and ions from the edge. There are coronal mass ejections, CMEs, that simply splash out for no bloody reason. Some of this heads earth's way.

The sun spots don't always face the earth, but once a year they come around again to bathe us in radiation. The solar winds are also complicated by the interplanetary magnetism which speed up or slow down the time it takes to reach the earth.

When there is a solar wind, ions pummel the earth's atmosphere. It's duly absorbed by the ionosphere and any excess is redistributed by high level winds. Those winds create cyclonic forces in the mid and low level atmospheric currents.

These may or may not become cyclones and hurricanes, but the humid clouds that form are charged positive ionized history that are drawn to the earth's negative ions and the rest is the rainy history of our planet.

The earth's core is also highly ferromagnetic, so it adds to the geomagnetic mess with a few earthquakes and volcanoes when solar winds stress it out. The magnetic poles too don't want to feel left out and so they shift on their axis, distorting magnetic migratory routes for birds, bees and whales.

My tree ants too seem to lose all sense of up and down direction and come to a standstill. Many black ants (and bees) lose their balance, direction and fall off which had puzzled me for months. The weaver ants don't carry food home but just do a springing motion until it passes. Earthworms don't burrow into the soil during this time but sit in the top one inch - maybe something to do with magma? Whales get beached, poor things.

Well, that's the theory as I understand it.

Oh, land animals and humans! Blood pressure rises with the kp index and falls with it. So while rising, people get agitated, easily riled and anxious. Those with very high bp get dizzy and off balance. When it falls, low bp people get dizzy and off balance.:) The anaemic get drowsy and muggy, blood sugar levels get erratic, blood toxicity seems to lead to insane episodes. A great number of these problems seem to be solar plexus related - so all addictions are worse. More later.

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