Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Summer or sun?

So far, during the last 2 months of heat, geomagnetic and solar activity, only the remedies from the solar plexus down have had any success. Why I don't know.

During the winter and spring the upper chakra remedies had good effect, esp the forehead chakra remedies, but since the middle of April that's been going down until now when the solar plexus seems to reign supreme.

The rash of liver-related deaths around Spring might have been the early warning signs. The weakest and oldest went first.

Not sure how to heal for this time though. Do I just do solar plexus remedies?

Today, when throat chakra remedies should have triggered (17), the sacral chakra remedies are drawn instead. weird. kp3. I thought I had it figured out...

I'm going to go with Bach flower remedies for the higher chakras for now. Agrimony triggered on the solar plexus chakra (14) now Star of Beth, Verv, and esp Aspen which is a throat chakra remedy and correct for this time.

But what about the eyes, bones and animal-brain which are so closely connected... am i missing out on something? an opportunity to heal them? Summer must be a time to heal something that would strengthen the body for the  monsoon....

This healing by the sun is more complicated than I expected, especially since the predicted weather is veering off from the actual quite sharply in the last two weeks. More later.

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