Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Starting with our Higher Self

Working with guides and angels is like starting high school without doing the middle and lower schools. It's fascinating and you feel 'special' (as the sceps love to point out - they've stolen my innocence with their evil humour, Itellya, now so much of me makes me smile:) but you know you've missed something in the rush to learn everything.

If you feel that way too, then maybe the higher self is a step along the way that you should get in touch with.
My friends circle decided to move to a new book, this one about healing past lives to heal the present. The book had changed 3 hands. Always a good thing to get a well traveled book. It is a workbook full of exercises and meditations, and none of the others had tried past lives before.

I'd done a past life thing many years ago, but all of it had made me sad or uncomfortable or depressed, none of it healed my present and none of the lives were like being Cleopatra or anybody known to be  famous.

In one I was a guy in a forced migration along the Seattle/northwest coast with a baby, half-frozen and exhausted - that was full of despair. I doubt if they came to a good end. It was some kind of cold wave or ice age - he couldn't have possibly made it with the baby, poor guy, poor me. In one I was a Chinese lady with a frightful, toothy smile - it startled me so much that I popped out. I'm not sure it wasn't an evil smile! She looked prosperous though and hardworking like a small business owner. In another I was some kind of sciencey attendant in a laboratory of animal cruelty most likely in Nazi Germany - I can remember only guilt and fear and my inability to speak out. That was when I decided enough.

Maybe all of them explain something - my sympathy for immigrants and animals and the Chinese fascination, but it never healed anything in my present. In fact, it made me sure that delving into past lives was a meaningless exercise. So many psychic things are just fascinations. (Like my first Reiki teacher would bellow,"Don't be fascinate, I say!!" lol! and this just after the flow of energy has us all mystified. She was crazy.:)

But now, older and imho wiser, I'm willing to try past lives again. My solar plexus acts up often and I'll end up a diabetic or worse if I don't try something. There are unresolved power issues that bother me - I shouldn't be so susceptible to leaches, lechers and liars. People shouldn't be able to affect me through text, I shouldn't argue so much, smoke, etc.

The first exercise was to talk to your higher self. It had been so long since I'd even tried! After a really uncomfortable start where I didn't recognise my higher self (yea) and was snooty and judgemental and asked her to leave, we got acquainted.

At first I saw about 30 different faces of healers maybe? At the same time my friend thought she felt a huge crowd around. Then my higher self appeared and I asked for help healing the animals for the weather effect and I got it! She pointed to the sun and that was that.

Which was just the one obvious thing I'd missed! Of course the sun.

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