Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Space weather remedies

Lol! weird name but I've decided it should do. The dogs are infinitesimally better since I started on these so I need to list them so as to not forget.

I thought is try electricitas, galvinismus(not available) magnetis polus ambro, arcticus, australis. Three of them work in 6x during a geomagnetic storm (G1/kp5), but only during, not before or after, and only in that potency. And only electricitas, mag polis ambo and arcticus. So strange that I need to try it again at the next kp5.

Nat Sulph 3 when the protons are high, I think, oppressive heat.

Gloninium when coming out of the sun-cone or after a geomagnetic storm.

Kali bichrom and sepia for the muggy heat (of proton-heavy air?).

Agrinomy for the pre-cyclone and rainstorm anxiety. Heather for the hunger pangs. Aspen for the fear of the storm itself.

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