Monday, May 9, 2016

Should go back

My guides are right that I should go back on twitter soon. My solar plexus is better than ever since I started healing the sacral and root, I don't really have an excuse not to.

I think I'll follow the space weather community channels and avoid the sceps on the warpath in #homeopathy though. It's not like I have anything new to add to my nonexistent defense of energy meds - they work, we don't know why; because they work on animals and atheists we know it's not faith that heals.:)

(But unfortunately it may not be possible to avoid them. It feels like I have a great deal of unfinished karma waiting to catch up. Avoiding active chat for so long might not have been healthy either - some unpleasantness is educational and I probably need to learn to deal with it. At least this second time around I'll be less naive about and hopefully not as frustrated by the lot of them.:)

The twit nick is a headache too - do I seed it to harvest alt medders, healers or keep it simple and stupid? A fibo number should be mystic enough to make me happy and look sciencey for space weather buffs. I'm all at sea and I need to court someone who gets it.;) <-- :( see how fibo is ruined for me by sceps.
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