Monday, May 30, 2016

Serial killer cat

A neighbor just came by to say that in their home, a kitten was kidnapped and it's neck was broken by a male.

People think male cats are rogues but this kind of behaviour ... it only happens when they're under extreme stress while normally the male is a wonderful, nurturing baby-kit lover.

This is so unusual and rare that I think that either: the geomagnetic storms have driven it nuts; or this mating season, the female population is lower than the male & so they are freeing up actively nurturing moms for their courtship; or it's a serial killer cat who's developed a taste for killing the vulnerable - rare.

Three years ago Banditti's two kittens were killed by gowramma's bf. Same season - pre-monsoon. Another 2 kittens left out by humans in the same neighbors house (they are rascals on and off) on a parapet were beheaded by a male. Last year, Sundari's kittens were thrown in a box (by humans) out in the park (Ajay's fucked up, callous wife) - they were found with their necks broken by morning probably by a rogue cat or by rats - though that might have been an act of kindness, since Sundari went mad at losing her infants and died searching in a tin of floor in the same house.:(

Those are the three instances I know of in the last few decades. If the same cat is doing it, he's become a kitten-killer.:(

I know him well and I'm wondering if the stress of the unusual solar activity made him so violent. He is fine with humans but a bully in the cat world.

Shilla seems to have gone a bit mad too. For the last week she's been searching for her kitten (the one that died in my arms three weeks ago, when she didn't care much because she'd run out of milk) every day now, when she hears Stripes' kittens mew. Since she didn't finish her motherhood programming she's gotten confused, poor darling.

When I give her Reiki, the brain stem (back ajna chakra) is low energy with a fixed frequency. A viral (or germ/bacterial) brain affectation? I hope she survives. She's losing weight though eating well. This kind of brain fog should pass.

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