Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sending a dog to heaven

I didn't realise how difficult it was for Mr Mahesh to get the dog God's blessings and into His care, how much he cares to send them into heaven! After we become atheists, we simplify the religious to black & white in our minds and that's so false. They're negotiating their reality in complex ways too.

At the temple, he had to give the dog a name (Ramdev because he used to call the dog Ramu), tell the priest that it is a friend in Mumbai who passed away and get the homa prasada to all of us who loved Oldie.

So it's hard work for the godly believer to get a good street dog to heaven, past the jealous priest. Reminds me of Vishwamitra, my mythic ancestor, who tried to send a good man to heaven despite heavenly rejection.:)

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