Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Psychic surgery explained to idiot docs

Sceptics make my blood boil (because they remind me of my  imaginative girlie teens). Psychic surgery is one such silly myth sceps imagine up to frighten themselves silly. (You sceps are thinking of witchdoctors from comics, no?)

Let me explain psychic surgery  in simple language to the dumb frs, esp the medical morons:

To us energy healers, there is an aura around most things. We call this the energy body. This is an energy template for the physical body. What we change here, changes inside the body in a few weeks, months.

Psychic surgery is performed on this energy body. Blocked energy is cut out and cleared up. 'Waving hands in da air', ya?

That's all.
That's ALL!

Nobody is pulling out fleshy bits of bloody mucusy intestinal-looking yuk to scam the healee. That's what YOU do.

We don't go within 6 inches of the body because our psychic tools are so sharp they might graze the physical cells and damage them, alright?

Yup. no drama needed by docs - you don't believe in an energy body, so you don't have one. Da end.:)

So please stop scaring yourselves on our energy work and use your time wisely to grow up. (fb shocks you. Let that inform you of the level of reality you inhabit at present and give you perspective.:)

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