Saturday, May 21, 2016

Prana to save the little ones

This is one of the more uncomfortable posts I occasionally write to please the  guides. I mean, other than the constant discomfort of writing about guides and angels at all - how do the others do it?

It's not just the science education and scepticism natural to adulthood that makes me squirm. It's the whole imagination-intuition fuzziness of this that makes me hesitate. I've seriously considered a couple of psychic friends insane when they were at their best/worst phase of psychic growth. They don't sound normal - Like the ravings of lunacy - that hyper excitement, the endless chatter, the certainty, the look ... fortunately it ends when life happens and brings them down with a bump.:)

Well, mine's lasting longer and the insanity is quite steady.:)

I just have to do this - I've put it off too long indulging my grief.

The guides wanted me to use prana through breathing to save the kitten. I didn't do enough of it, the kitten died, but the little I did the kitten seemed to love it.

The kitten would leap for my breath and bask in it for as long as I could do it without hyperventilating. Maybe because it's warm moist air, but I did wonder at that time if I was breathing different bacteria into it than whatever flora was killing it. Maybe that's what was pushing the pneumonia away and letting it breathe better. But it should have reversed the emphysema and hardening of the lungs which it didn't do. I didn't do enough of the breathing, I guess, preferring Reiki (which I know isn't enough - I wonder why that too).

This breathing method helped my Reiki as well - the flow of energy from my hands was like a wave on the outbreath.

I grew doubtful and uncertain and would stop, promising myself i'd read up and do it 'right' (my usual excuse to overthink things and analyze-paralyze myself). I'm still reading up on how people do it.

Mantak Chia has a qi gong method, and he talks about a burst of sweet saliva when you do it right - which happened to me (kitten would lick at my lips to get to it!). So maybe there's something I did right - just not enough of it.

Yoga has a method too which I have to look into. It's up the ida and down the pingala with long holding breaths.

Pranic healing, which I've forgotten much of, had something on it, if I remember right.

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