Sunday, May 29, 2016

Polycrests are all circulatory?

The conversation started when we heard of a terrific cardiologist who died of an aneurism at 52 a few days ago and a really good homeopath who is in ICU waiting for a pacemaker.

I thought of the terrible geomagnetic storms we've had recently and shared that it may be a cause of cardiovascular & circulatory disorders.

I went on to explaining my mtDNA theory to another homeopath and how cardiovascular diseases, circulatory issues & many cancers should be easily curable by homeopathy. (except the liver, bone, ... nDNA stuff).

The upshot to all of this is that we should do what we can rather than just try for the more difficult papaDNA cures. If we get the circulation in order especially during this geomagnetic period of activity (march to may?), these sudden breakdowns could be avoided in patients with morbidity.

'Bad' blood has been a very ayurvedic obsession. In homeopathy Lachesis and the snake poisons, many animal poisons, are used to clear it - all polycrests now.

This led me to wonder if all polycrests clean the blood or work on circulation and cardio. (Pulsatilla, Staph, etc), (Arnica, ruta, etc.), (animal/circulatory poisons), some minerals. Should look into it sometime. (More later category.:)

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