Monday, May 2, 2016

Pitch perfect chat

One thing about the pensioners of Twitter (that's how old it seems after IRC, fb, orkut, et al where the average age is 23:) that stood out was how pitch perfect so many were at chat! Avocado especially rarely missed a beat or put a foot wrong. So many sceps, like the Martian, could tweet in 140 so comfortably that it astonished me. I'm so used to the assorted language crowds elsewhere, that this blew my mind. (My own tribe struggled like me, thank goodness. Some of us are hexed.:)

I fumble with words even in real life to make myself understood (in all the four languages I know), let alone make an elegant conversation! Language must be a part of the brain that's turned to mush for me.

For years I've gotten away with the barest minimum in so many languages that the sceps, Martian esp, were karmic payback for me.

You know how annoying it is when a non-native speaker murders your mother-tongue?:) I've been guilty of being cutting with non-natives for butchering my language while happily murdering theirs, lol, well, karma-time for me on twitter for using anything but the simplest of english words with the irritable alien.:)

I did manage to revenge myself proper2propah by using the hodge-podge of sms-speake I've lurnt ova da years wit da kidz on da sceps, even calling dem sceps wud hv hurted! (tho even that I did badly, woe is me! I'd had to rack my brynz to find those annoying shortcuts! With a little more energy I could have googled a list and done that well. Lolz, jez thot uf et naw!

There's something about a sceps brain that makes it hurt when it encounters a less than perfect thing - Maria Montessori had a point to her educational methods in this - so everything vague, even sms, would drive them wild. (So much pleasure I got from that!:)

I've heard of other 140 users being effective with it - Elizabeth Warren, for example. To me it was a cramped, windowless room that made me appreciate blogging for it's endless horizons. My brain needs vast, open spaces with no definition and no limits.

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