Sunday, May 1, 2016

Parenthood as a sceptic

Most mothers dote on their babies. In the first 6 months, the bonding is physical, and depends much on the time spent together. This is true for all mammals, cats and dogs especially. Babies literally feed off the solar plexus cord the same as they did on the umbilical. While it's possible that the kindest mothers can bring up horrid children and the cruellest can often be great mothers, for the most part it's this close bonding and imprinting that makes children secure.

But sceptics have a strange problem. Their solar plexus feeds off of other people's energy like they're eternal children. They need to shock, abuse, disrespect, disempower others to feel good about themselves. In parenting they fail badly - all the distortion they impose on the world around them comes home to roost.

I've often thought of polygon raising his baby alone because his sceptic gf didn't want theirs to be born. He might have not wanted a sensible abortion from their  causal fling, but sitting at home mothering was probably not how he saw his middle age go by. His sceptic gf was on her third relationship before the birth of the child (marriage is so not sceptic:) and on to many more soon after handing over the kid to polygon.

Fatherhood is not a sceptic forte either apparently. Until Countess E Bathorey (lol!) pointed out that he was smoking, drinking excessively and chatting 16 hrs a day with an infant in the house depending on him solely, he saw nothing wrong with it.

None of us had the courage to correct his perception of himself as being the great sacrificer, giving up his life to stand by his unborn child. A pro-life sceptic father is no father at all.

And this was not a random happening. I've seen worse and better, but always scepticism makes parenting poorer. If world birth rates are dropping as scepticism is rising, so much the better.

On Twitter I saw the same hard-bitten kind of mothering going on. There was none of the hormonal softening and fuzzy, genial warmth that flows with nurture out into the world. It was hours spent by a young mom cussing and spewing hate into the net. Imagine a young child absorbing that kind of energy into it's unformed and malleable chakras!

Dibankar commented on it (more power to him, because I couldn't. I just stayed away from that weirdness) and he thought Ignatia was the remedy. I thought Sepia or Platina might have helped the sceptic mom or dad, bored by their babbling babies, on the net looking for stimulation.

Even if these people give the child the most expensive  infant formula scientifically devised, where's the nurture if your attention is always elsewhere? Definitely nurture is severely affected by the sceptic  disease in both men and women. Not just in babyhood either - a sceptic sucks the innocence out of the living, so those children will experience a sceps harangue sooner rather than later.

Normal mothers cocoon themselves and their babies in a world of their own (reducing the collective IQ by half:). Often even leaving the fathers out, because of the severe explosion of nurturing instinct. I saw so much of that in Char, Sandra, other alt-medders and anti-vaxxers that I know it's still normal to nurture and protect (and not cultural) even in the west. The neglect seems peculiar to sceptics.

I'm aware that most sceps see themselves as perfect (platina), one can't ever talk to them about how terrible they appear at parenting (sepia) to the rest of us, let alone suggest a couple of remedies from non-allopathic systems they loathe! Poor Dibs did in all innocence, and walked into a fire-storm.:)

I saw sceps liked to project poor parenting as a characteristic of alt medders, but that was never evident in the ones I meet on Twitter. I saw instead some over-nurture fierceness occasionally but nothing quite like the indifference and neglect by sceps.

This brings to mind another IRC chatter who used to curdle my blood with his twisted sexual harassment on the #India chan. Turned out he had an autistic child and once he'd started his child's recovery with a good homeopath (on my persuasion), his hateful scep persona dropped away. I wonder how many sceptics will be less hateful if only their family members were healed.

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