Tuesday, May 3, 2016


There's something so right about blogging quietly for a dozen or so readers. It's the right degree of obscurity in an overpopulated world. It is the true number of people who give a damn about your thoughts and feelings. In real life, I think I manage to make myself heard by about that many, even though I meet over 50 a day.

Blogging is like coming home. You can think quiet thoughts, read a book, digest it, cook a meal, realise it's indigestible, eat it and order in as a reward. It's in that quiet that we can grow.

(ok, stagnate too, I agree with the guides that the hurlyburly of the railway station of Twitter is energizing. But there should be a way of getting away from it!)

And it's not like a diary or journal - a blog's out there where anyone can find it. That should be enough.

I think the guides are mistaken in believing the world wants to hear what they have to say. They're so innocent of the human ego! Twitter is so self-centered. Everyone wants to be heard but no one wants to listen. And they're all trying to be the quotable quote of the day!

With blogging we have the option of not falling into people-pleasing RTs, likes, follows and arguments. (What amazing self-control celebs must have! Millions of fans and they'll be following, like, 10 ppl. Lol.:)
haha! lol! the guides are funny. They say this is how you end up speaking to imaginary beings!:d

So, ok, sigh. I'll go back to Twitter. As soon as I feel ready. I'll have to avoid arguments and take care of my chakras.

Even regarding my solar plexus chakra, the guides have a solution. The problem is a weak sacral chakra they say - why didn't I think of it before? it's true. I do have a weak sacral and root. So work to do those chakras are harder to heal.

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