Friday, May 6, 2016


The net is a scary place. I've had to erase myself off of it twice in the past to shake off events and stalkers. I've stayed off it for over a year in between. Changing providers, even considered going to the cyber police at one point.

But for all of the threats, real and imagined (because fear is such an intangible, exaggerated emotion), there's a way we can think to stay sane:

That we will never pass this way again. The internet is a stream of consciousness, and water doesn't cross the same  bridge twice. It's an accident, a unique moment, that won't repeat unless you make karma.

With a little caution, and if you are willing to let go of your identity, go bland,  dumb down, cut your losses, switch interests and apps, the net is one of the safest places for women to explore the world at any age, and chat is the best way to socialize. It isn't just the lazy way - it really is safe like nothing else is.

It's very hard to meet the same people twice. And in fast moving social media, it's impossible to pick up where you left off. So leave off. A half a year off of echat, aol, orkut or a month off IRC meant a whole new set of people on the channels.

Even the older chatters forget how they related to you, have too many overlays of similar interactions to distinguish between you and others and have to start over! The blander you keep it, the worse the confusion. A nickname change tops it off nicely. Getting off and time is all it takes.

It's important not to trigger any memories, your lols go hehs, so imitate the hell out of the popular chatter of the day. No one will recognise you again, and you're safe.

This is the advice I give all who've got drawn into the karmic web of the net, and applies to healers too: chat sporadically, don't get addicted, drop your net identity.

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