Monday, May 2, 2016

Narcs and Vics

There's one philosopher from the West that I like above all for his particular fearlessness, and it's Socrates. Not just because he liked to argue, like me, but because he had a guide, like me, that he acknowledged, who might have derailed his life  considerably, probably culminating in his death. Guides are like that - they want change, they want integrity even at the cost of credibility.

Poor Socrates! I've read Plato's almost despairing account of the recklessness of his teacher's truth and I see parallels. My guides really don't give a damn either about how uncomfortable I am with the truth.(I probably won't have the courage for hemlock-level honesty, but the small ones, ok.:)

The other reason they probably didn't like me labelling sceps 'narcs' is because narcs and vics are from the same pool.

Narcs were vics and vics will be narcs. We're all from the same cancer miasm. Humans do cancer very well - we awaken it, handle it well, spread it across genetic pools superbly. more later.

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