Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lying and other allopathic habits

My friend's dog died today. Ash had told me two days ago that her dog was sick and not eating or drinking, drooling and he was snapping and cowering in dark areas.

A vet neighbour told her it could be rabies or a bacterial infection to take it to the k. club.

I told her it wouldn't survive if she did took it to the vets, that it was sunstroke, the brain inflammation needed immediate treatment, and gave her a list over sms anyway.

She took it to C. instead, same difference, duh. She msged that he was 'under observation' (veterinary code for ignoring), so I told her to make sure at least that he's given a glucose drip everyday and to start the sunstroke remedies asap if she could, not to delay.

I know all the vets in my city so I knew what came next. No need to be psychic when the lot of them have been trained in allopathy, large animal med and fancy lying. I know their teachers too. (I respect only two of them - one, a professor of medicine who told me to let Sonu die and not treat her cancer and 'torture' her. I so respect him for his courage to say it when I was mad with grief and unwilling to listen to reason; the other is the remarkably intelligent Dr.Akshay who cried angry tears when a street dog died in his care. Not in it for the money and such a good surgeon.)

Well, the dog died. They told her it o.d.ed, sifted from what she'd have told them earlier, and her neighbour had probably poisoned it.

I've heard that for years. Like fortune tellers, docs sift through your fears adroitly to validate them.

I asked her if the postmortem confirmed it - they didn't do one. When I said allopathy has nothing for sunstroke and that last year 2000 people died of it in this same month in hospitals in south India, she couldn't believe it. The line broke soon after, so maybe we will still stay friends.

But glonine, iodine, tellurium, vervain and chicory have done wonders for my streetdogs. I wish she'd have bought even one of those for 9 bucks and honesty, instead of 10,000 and a lie.

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