Monday, May 9, 2016

Kp, rain, measles

I don't want to get carried away with this solar theory yet, because there are too many indices and I'm new to space weather. I'm beginning to think this is why conventional weather ignores solar activity - it's just too involved.:)

One of my assumptions was that the kp rose, fell and then it rained in that sequence. But today the kp index was at 6 and it rained anyway (lightly). So probably there is overlap - a previous rise in kp led to this rain and the next will follow this kp6, etc. Or there's no correlation.

The high solar wind 650 km/s+ last week dispersed the clouds as Jay pointed out. Today it's 650+ again, let's see if it rains or we lose the cloud cover.

The remedies are really helping the dogs deal with it though, better than before. But the moon cycle is a complication. They're still drawing the heart chakra remedies while they should have been done with that. So there's a lag. Looks like the chakras routine gets slightly thrown by the combination of rain and solar disturbance.

Today was the start of the solar plexus chakra and they drew three nosodes: Psorinum, Maladrinum and Medorrhinum. Drosera too - so it must be the start of the measles, petussis, rubella season. The poxes are done. These diseases affect the heart chairs, so maybe this explains the lag.

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