Thursday, May 26, 2016

iodium & kali iod for skin

My skin has never been anything to write home about. The chicken pox, allergies, teens, vaccines, wind and sun took it's toll and I've always been cool with it. Figured that  one day I'd look like a leathery old native with history in every line. (Thought it was hot too actually.:)

I took the iods with the dogs and cats in my space weather experiment for 2 doses over two moons. I was giving it to protect them from radiation poisoning as the sun was doing crazy things.

Astonishingly last week I realized that my skin has grown softer than when I was in my teens! The same had happened to the dogs (but not the cats, not sure if they take longer).

While Psorinum ages you in clearing out through the skin, Iodium reverses the damage of years of toxin build-up then on the skin. So it also works from outside in, while Psorinum works to push out. Not sure how to make them work in sync yet.

[I'm assuming it was the halogens, esp iod - I could be wrong since it wasn't the only remedy I've taken].

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