Sunday, May 1, 2016

Illuminati myths

I've always wondered about the conspiracy theory about the Illuminati.

They can't be a bunch of fat, rich, white men taking over the world through drugs, famine, war and genetics ... it's just not very illuminated to do that.

Money and power can't be all that interesting once you have a lot of it - Warren Buffet is a classic example debunking that, my fellow boxing fan. He's got both but doesn't seem to do a great deal with either.:)

In fact, I feel that the illuminati are not pre-organised but rather a group formed *after* they've reached a peak of some kind of genius. Maybe when they've been touched by angels.:)

It's possible that they improve the world with their creativity, and therefore they understand how things work better than those of us who have average intelligence.

Illuminati myths aren't rare, they're also in India as in most cultures. Ours are more likely to be true, as myths go, since it's about the Saptha Rishi, the 7 sages. Like St Germain, our nomadic sages are said to live immortal lives and in the Himalayas mostly. Yogananda said he meet with many such immortals there (and who can doubt his honesty).

A few years ago there was a viral rumour (India does have it's hysterical moments) that there were several sightings of Hanuman in the Himalayas. Nothing came of that except perhaps a few more tourists joining the pilgrimage route, but there you go: we have our illuminati too, except that ours are filled with goodwill to all mankind (though Indians-first probably, you know, being in the area an all:).

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