Wednesday, May 11, 2016

If Iodine protects the thyroid

If iodium protects the thyroid from radiation, the list of other mineral/element remedies that sooth and save nerves.

Tellurium for the sacral-brain connection, I felt the fogging lift immediately. So sulphur, a shell down, too probably.

Glonine perhaps for the solar plexus? I've seen it lift a sick headache immediately - must be the carbon rather than the nitrogen in TNT.

What nitro works on is unclear but it works on the back of the head - so limbic system maybe? It paralysed sensation for an hour for me at 6x a few years ago. Has never worked in higher potency though, except in combos like glon and gunpowder. So maybe the ajna/forehead chakra (because of its orthogonal relation to the solar plexus in the C:N combo)?

Root chakra no clue, heart ... Argent nit for one of these two.

Some plant remedies that protect chakras off the top of my head are:
Opium for the sacral-forehead is what IBD cats and kittens like during solar events.
Cina for the solar plexus.
Quercus for the heart.
Phytolacca and Physostigma for the sacral.
Secale, agaricus for the root.

more later.

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