Saturday, May 7, 2016

How annoying science is!

If there's one thing I know about the science of the present day it's that it is annoying, arrogant and a vampire on traditional healing and alt med! I don't really blame its adherents, the sceps, for their behaviour because it only reflects their religion faithfully. These poor innocents have been sucked into a black hole that consumes all around it!;)

lol! Only rascals are drawn to it but hey, one man's food may be this woman's poison. Also science is so long ago for me that I've forgotten why I liked it - probably cool teachers and many pats on the back.:)

They hijack so much.

Just today Euphrobia, which we use homoeopathically in intestinal decay (which obviously involves Candida yeast overgrowth) has been shown to inhibit blockers. Which is what we've said all along! And why we use it, right? Except those idiots will use it wrong to kill candida to further their foolish germ theory and ... it's all maddening.

Just this morning, Candida infection has been shown to be linked to bipolar and schizophrenia and mental illness in men. What we've been saying about gut microbiota and autism and mental illness all along - what the hell did they think Andrew Wakefield researched and what was Vaxxed about, did they think?:)

Sexually transmitted no less! Kent and homeopaths have warned of multiple sexual partners leading to mental illness for centuries. Promiscuity has always been feared for this reason. Did scientists believe that marriage served no purpose at all in the  genetic health of a society? blind science.

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