Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Healing by the moon

As I got more confident that healing by the moon cycle was right for the chakras, I also noticed with dismay the other massive variable, the weather, undoing all the good work with it's unpredictability.

The moon cycle is wonderful for its regularity - moving energy gently from chakra to chakra, from peak to trough and peak again in a sine wave. It is so perfect for chakra healing that I thought all diseases could be cured with this method (with a few years of work I could probably find the triple combo for each of the chakra groups). I thought I'd be able to heal animals quickly and not have to deal with a million worrying variables again. I could even do different areas of the city in turn, blah blah ... all kinds of lovely dreams.:)

But there was a jarring note in my ideal harmonic symphony from the start: the weather!

This awful stressor was killing my perfect vision, and 2015-16 was the worst. Maybe the earth being 1% hotter or the El Nino had something to do with the nightmare, but the weather changes were rapid, drastic and wouldn't end. The rains began in Jan and didn't end until Dec. By Sept most of the old dogs and kittens were dead.

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