Friday, May 6, 2016


[I wrote this in 2014, but was too shy to post it - twitter emboldened me considerably! I editted out half even now, so not fully comfortable with posting about my healing guides yet.]

These multitudes of animal guides who help in my healing work have been pushing me for a long time to do Homeopathy with Reiki and I finally gave in after 5 years of nagging, hence this blog which is entirely their idea ... 'share with the world', akashic records or universal knowledge and stuff.:)

Anyway, they're fun and very funny beside being helpful. But I feel for them - I'm very slow on the uptake with learning how to heal. There's a flood and fury of images, ideas, concepts and advice that appear in my head, I'm like a dud sifting uncomprehendingly through it all to come up with one little nugget. (how much school teachers must suffer!)

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