Saturday, May 28, 2016

Distemperinum 200

[Many have tried this and had no success ever since. It has instead brought out many neurological effects probably of vaccination which are hard to cure. Please don't try it!:) My friend either had beginners luck or very mild cases to begin with. Nosodes aren't yo be repeated this often imo.]

I had the best news ever from Lekha today! Two of her distemper cases were cured with Distemperinum 200.

She gave it 3 - 5 times a day for 2 months. One case completely cured, another almost completely. Both after the discharges had begun and the neurological symptoms!

Thank the Universe for unconventional approaches! The traditional approach is to give one dose and wait. I've had no success doing that and left off using Distemperinum despite rave reviews from other countries. I'd never have thought of using it so often.

And this review from a sceptic who used only conventional allopathy for 50 yrs who would rant about how I was torturing dogs with homeopathy.:)

Today she took homeopathy from me for the first time (for the black f dog at Alliance Fran├žaise).

Such good news for distemper puppies!! This goes on Twitter.:)


  1. please give me more info for those 2 cases cured with distemperinum! i have a case !

  2. Yoda please write to me about those cured cases you mentioned.Those with already neurological symptoms that almost cured with disremperinum 200,

  3. Hi. This is a relief news for me. How to give this medicine, I mean with food or separately? Different doctors are advising different ways.

    1. Hi Praveen ,finally distemperinum did nothing formy dog.Her distemper went to neurological.I saved her(unfortunately with knowledge acquired too late) using tons of vitamin C ,vitamin A ,echinacea, Pycnogenol, Ether inhalations and RoferonA (diluted , 40IU daily).Nutrition, only raw beef minced meat, nothing else.If I did this at the beginning, instead of giving distemperinum it would not go to neuro.

  4. Praveen, I've said at the top in a later amendment that it didn't work for anyone else. in fact it brought it out more for one!

    What is your puppy's problem exactly?

  5. Please write to me at if you read this article!
    This remedy has only worked for Lekha, no one else!