Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Damn T!

I just found that I can't use the same email id to start over - Twitter is a lifetime account! It literally just deactivates, there's no deletion of the account. What a monumental bummer for a lazy person like me.

I must have struggled for a year (in 10 sec bursts of stamina;) to get rid of wordpress and another to dump adsense. I don't know of I have the energy for a war with twitter!

My question is how I managed to do it the three other times. Maybe it takes over a month to delete an account? That's even more depressing because in just 4 days away from the month and I logged in!! I'm an idiot for sure! (My guides are thrilled though.)

So I don't have to worry about a new nick yay. I should block or unfollow bots, sceps and non chatters. Why, curiosity, why why?!!

So so annoying!:(

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