Saturday, May 7, 2016

Changed by the Sun

I've been affected by the sun quite a lot. I'm out in it a great deal and have collapsed in it three times in my life.

It's just a blacking-out for a few minutes, but each time it has happened, I've been as weak as a kitten for months after, with prickly heat, no sweat, no body temperature control, vomiting and nausea. Nothing to write home about, but a persistent fatigue and fogging like after the flu.

I've known it was from the sun but have explained it away many times like allopaths do. You know how it is: you know you're sick so you go and get every test under the sun (heh:) and the docs can't find anything wrong so they explain it away. We do it too.

I knew it was related to cancer because I've seen it before in animals and people. Even if they recover from it, the sun affects them more and more easily until they die of the weakness. Pummi and Sonu, so many have died this way. But not just cancer, this is how cancer treatments make everyone feel too. This is just cytokinesis (~toxicity? cell death, by whatever name they call it). So now I know this is what it feels like to go through a radiation treatment or living through Chernobyl or Fukushima! The poor creatures.

The sun changes you on a fundamental level. This is the death it brings, but only at certain times. The animals know it cures it as well, so at other safer times, they're out sunning themselves in it. All free animals with cancer will do this seeking out and escaping more than healthy dogs.

Once a long time ago, when the dogs and I were on the terrace  sunning ourselves, I felt my Reiki change and all the dogs energy shifted. Everything in nature went quiet. We went indoors to escape whatever it was but that didn't help much. It must have been a sun event, a cme burst reaching the earth or some such, because none of us recovered from it. It was not how the sun's heat felt at any time before or since. My Reiki energy grew finer but weaker, and I could feel the guides closer. We died a little that day, but on a cellular level.

I thought for years I'd die from cancer from it (and 3 of the dogs did - all of them maybe). But inexplicably I've recovered, though I do suffer from a weaker solar plexus and haven't recovered the breadth and range of Reiki energy from then.

I'm good at waiting for answers. That was a very disturbing time and I'm very curious about that day.

Psorinum 200 which kept popping up energy-wise around that time, pulled out so much in all of us that I grew afraid of it and of homeopathy. The event made us more susceptible to parasites too.

What caused it and how could I have prevented and cured it's effects? Obviously staying out of the sun, but then you waste away differently - it has to be certain times of solar activity. Homeopathy was the only way out but the correct remedies were hard to find and it took a long time to get a working set.

I  blamed vax for the worst effects because all the troubles & eruptions began around the vax scars and spread through to lymph nodes all over the body. For me and the vaxed dogs. We were more sensitive to the sun after that time than the unvaxxed.

In retrospect, while I should have used Psorinum higher, I think it saved my life. But not the dogs - their lives are shorter and they'd probably have needed more doses, faster, than I'd had the courage to give. Sepia and a number of other remedies did too (this blog was supposed to record that set because my memory is so patchy.:)

Healing w.r.t. the sun may be the answer to the search for healing and solutions to what happened then that I'd been looking for. I've found a bunch of unrelated cures and gone off on a tangent many times.

What we call distemper and fip and cholera ... all the seasonal epidemics, could they all be related to the sun? How weird would that be! Sun spots, for example, last decades in earth years, coming around yearly for us in a particular season. In 2003, there's a recorded solar 'event' that blasted the earth with radiation like we've never recorded before. It really bears looking into, especially if homeopathy can be protective and curative of it, protective of our DNA or our mitochondria, the cell respiration that's so vital to prevent cancer.

On another note, among the nosodes, Psorinum has a protective effect (though not alone - Baccilinum too maybe). I don't understand how or why but just putting it out there.:)

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