Sunday, May 1, 2016

Celeb and other deaths

I loved Prince. His music, his voice, his hypersexuality, his androgynous fabulous stage persona! What a loss to tthe world of music! Freddie Mercury was another with the same dramatic aura that I mourned. David Bowie too.

All three were so influential in my choices. I guess the net is too public a place to discuss how gender benders redefine and subvert power for the young.:)

R.I.P., Prince, you amazing man.

I think it isn't just celebs that are dying in droves - ordinary people and animals are too. It's got something to do with the sun - like radiation sickness.

Four of my friends' parents have died in the last few months. 3 were very ill for a year or longer, so weren't very strong. But still too young to die - got to make it to the 80s at least to give up (if you don't drink).

The heat has killed so many already, but it's a different kind of heat. This last quarter there's a large sunspot that ejects CMEs on and off. The sun's probably been doing that for a few years now at the same time every year. This year might be the worst. Glancing blows from next year I think I read.

The high speed solar wind that was due last evening hit at 7:15 pm, 7:25 pm. I waited for it, since I'd read about the arrival time on AFFECTS. The dogs that set up a howl during the two blasts were in the house dogs, so the Iodium 200 did protect my street friends!

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