Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Broken down by weather

This is how it goes with weather:
A few days before a storm, usually 3, but it could vary as much as a week or 10 days,  animal behaviour would grow erratic, routines break down and health fail. After a rain storm, they'd pick up again where they left off or be worse (or dead). Many years ago I'd  noticed the connection.

Those with infections were the worst affected - routine antibiotics had little effect and vets simply didn't have the resources to test and prescribe correctly fast enough. Old gangrenous tissue was developing sepsis and killing animals within 2 days of a storm. I'd never seen such speed and breakdown as in the last 5 years.

About 3 years ago I began to keep track of atmospheric temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, wind speed and cloud cover. A year later, I knew they weren't predictors. (Except for high level winds, which I'll come back to later.) INSAT 1B, my favorite satellite,
lost it's website around 2015 and hasn't come back online since. Bummer that. I got all my weather from there.

Then I began to follow cyclones especially in the three seas around our peninsula. These were related, very much, to the animals health and behaviour, but not predictors either. And hurricanes in the U.S were as likely to trigger the stress as those closer - how weird is that!

Still, something being better than nothing, I pressed on trying to find remedies that could ease the stress. Bach and brain remedies were excellent for this but not curative. They worked palliatively until the next storm after which the breakdown continued, slower but inexorably. I tried diamagnetic vs paramagnetic, and though the diamagnetic worked it was only palliative again. And it worked with the paramagnetic sometimes which left me wondering if it was magnetism at work at all

Over the last year I couldn't find a single remedy that stood out, so I moved on to combos and mixtures which do well on the moon cycle too, hoping multiple remedies would do what the single couldn't. That had a limited and palliative effect too. So it wasn't the answer.

A whole year on this problem had me frustrated as hell. There was nothing to predict cyclones by, I had nothing by way of remedies to undo the damage done by weather stressors. I wasn't getting far.

All the remedies suggested by the books for weather changes had very minor palliative effects.

The moon cycle remedies on the other hand were falling into place by plant kingdom so I kept at it. It was comforting to me to be able to offer a little aid, but meaningless in the face of the change a weather system could wreak in the animal's body.

I was no closer to solving the weather problem than I was before well into 2016, and by then I was distracted by twitter and giving up.

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