Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Arguing aloud: mama & papa DNA

I have it in my mind to figure out disease and death. (I feel compelled to try because science has proven to be full of numbskulls looking into microscopes - when they're not pontificating on twitter - and my animals and I will be long dead before they look up.:)

The basics of genetics is that mamaDNA (mtDNA) changes while papaDNA (nDNA) doesn't.
MamaDNA breathes and so we have energy, life. That breathing is done by mitochondria (little plants) in our cells by exchanging ions.

I hope I've got that right because the rest is based on it.

I have nursed a favorite secret theory about homeopathy influencing mama DNA.

If homeopathy is able to cure mtDNA diseases by reducing error, (which would account for it's slowness, suddenness,  depth and permanence of change) we should be able to 1. list the diseases we can heal and 2. set limits to what homeopathy can do. Both are essential to healers to make it real. (Fortunately allopathy has done work in genetics that we could mine for information, lol).

Diseases from mama DNA
1. Coronary artery disease is associated strongly with mamaDNA - it would explain why Arnica and the circulation remedies are so invaluable in homeopathy.
(more later)

Since this would mean there are those diseases associated with paternal DNA that would be difficult or impossible to heal through homeopathy if my mtDNA theory is right, I'll cover papa DNA too.

(I'm not sure though ... If it works on all types of DNA by working on just mitochondria, for example, then I should shut up about my beloved mtDNA theory.:)

Possible Diseases of papa DNA
1. cirrhosis of the liver
2. distemper, feline peritonitis (fip)
3. Cataract and eye degenerations

Today I came across one that I can say fits this theory of healing difficulty on the paternal side, NASH (non alcoholic liver degeneration) a kind of cirrhosis that is paternally inherited.

Three dogs recently died of liver cirrhosis. They died suddenly, the sclerosis was very quick to develop and I could not see my homeopathy change the course of the disease. All three had been getting the same meds in food as the others (maybe a little less, since they're a distance away but still). This is my strongest case to date for mamaDNA being easier to heal that the papaDNA. Also for papa DNA being impossible to heal.

The other possible non healing cases are:
The brown girl with the open tumor on the hipjoint. Initially the open ulcer closed with homeopathy but only surgery finally healed it. So maybe some bone diseases = paternal? (But the initial improvement? ... the locals say that the girl I'd given the remedies to didn't put it for the dog, so that's an iffy)

Sonu's cancer of the jaw didn't even slow down with homeopathy. jaw /bone = paternal?

Maybe distemper where there's cirrhosis and bone issues is a paternal inheritance.

I'm sure I'll remember more cases - esp distemper and fip where no one has success. I wonder if the bone affectations that precede distemper put them in the same category as the bone-overgrowth dogs?

Like Roo, who has so many bone and joint surgeries since she was a puppy, and still died of distemper-like convulsions.

Still, I'd healed Copgirl of her  oozing joints to robust health even when it looked distemper-ish (probably because no vets were involved, no hospital stay like poor shelter-Roo). She was in her prime though.

Distempers start in the bones, spreads to nerves and then the brain. The liver is sclerosing all along.

The disease is visible in the eyegum of kittens, the disordered muscles around the eyes (poor development, rapid eye movements, eyeball popping in and out of the socket) in all distempers. And how poorly they process vaccines (they develop distemper from it). The hardening liver is also visible as is the mucopurulent joint ulcers. Whichever one you clear comes back as the other.

Maybe now that I've saved 3 kittens from fip, I'd have more luck with distemper (but cats are so different in energy from dogs). Still, fip begins in the bones too. It starts with marrow and travels through the spine to the brain. In the brain it damages everything, fills up with fluid, and the pressure goes downward again with the lungs filling up, abdominal peritonitis, joints breaking out. So healing must begin at the bones and brain. But it's proven healable this year - so not paternal? the sun?

I wonder if it's impossible to heal paternal inheritance. if the last 3 kittens has died i'd have had to conclude that, but they didn't.

The other area that I have no success is cataract (again connected to the liver according to qi gong, a kind of hardening). I have never been able to slow or reverse it's progress in animals.

If distemper can be healed, cataract, bone and liver issues, then homeopathy just heals DNA or something in it, not specifically mtDNA.

That's the question. I'll leave this as a work in progress because I think the sun might have something to do with the liver and this kind of DNA death.

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