Friday, May 27, 2016

Angels are narcs

If only guides and angels weren't so extraordinarily blunt, they wouldn't need so much PR. They could work with anybody if they weren't such jerks.

They've been supported by religion, race and culture for centuries and still aren't accepted as fundamentally good, lol, says a lot about their communication skills. Half the time people are worried about them being evil entities, the other half if they're hallucinating or insane ... a very sad state of affairs, I tell ya.

I myself have stopped indulging them for years for telling me what I didn't want to hear and vice versa when I didn't do what they wanted me to do.

I don't ask them locations, for instance, esp when they've told me not to try. I don't tell my dumber friends about them in case one of them gets it into his or her head to get advice or test the guides. They like a high IQ very much but not the smartass kind.

I have a number of very peaceful friends who they really like to work with. One is a sceptic and another an intuitive.Their presence brings out clearer and very animal-directed messages. But it has nothing to do with those people - all the messages are for me to work with animals.

The angels never feel compelled to advice anyone. I don't know how that myth began, but helpfulness? myth it is. Every friend who's asked them for advice, begged for help gets a stony silence, a brush off or vagueness. Really, they've got zero social skills and no tact of any kind, the troglodytes!!

They want action or they'll go elsewhere to find it. That's it. You're clearly just a means to an end.

This is why I wonder if they're all male. I mean, wouldn't a female guide have all of the above niceness and none of these rough edges? All of them are definitely male.:)

Which brings me to my point that angels are narcs. Not in the cheap human way of gaslighting, put-downs, abuse, violence and self-serving pettiness, but in an old fashioned narcissism.

They think they know it all and don't explain themselves. If you don't do what they say is right they just walk away. They're there only to use you and just because your purpose meets theirs or you asked for help doesn't make it less so. They only give you what they want to give, nothing more. They're there's demanding and insistent and there's only one way to do things and that's their way.

How bloody annoying they are! Take this blog for instance or twitter. I agree that saving stuff online is sensible in this day and age but Google docs or email does a fine job imho. Why sharing? Anyway, blogging I'm cool with, since no one actually reads these boring blahs (tee hee:), but twitter is one mean angry hornets nest of evil sobs - I'm on it feeling grumpy and sulky. I don't want to argue and everything there makes me sad - police brutality, vaccines maiming children (even the oral polio vax, omg, how awful!), dirt poor Yemen being clusterbombed by rich nations and Palestine's still ravaged by Zionists. I hate it there, I don't want to argue with sceps, I don't want to read about whales beached or lions hunted by Trump's sons.

What do they want from me? I don't want to heal so much misery - I can't, or can I? No, I probably can't - my solar plexus will explode or something. They're just wrong about twitter. I'll just use it to find protocols and such to heal the animals around me in real life. (I get the feeling the do want me to heal big time, omg!)

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