Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Sceptic on Anti-homeopathy skeptics!

A really nice piece on sceptics avoiding true scepticism to go after soft targets like homeopathy (weak strawman that it is.:). http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/cross-check/dear-skeptics-bash-homeopathy-and-bigfoot-less-mammograms-and-war-more/

I think John Horgan's hit the nail on the head when he calls out the tribalism, a cult mentality, especially of the U.K skeptics on Twitter. A tiny island with few people flush with stashed colonial loot, they can grow up to be mental bullies like their colonial ancestors.

Bullies always choose soft targets. Bigger boys will pick on smaller, younger weaklings, popular ones will sneer at the loners, girls with dates will snoot their beaks at singles long after maturity ought to have set in and created a sense of shame at behaving badly.

Shame at its best is and should be a very private reevaluation of our values against our actions. Not a public demonstration of educational prowess (calling the less educated Dunning Kruger) or superior numbers (ten sceptics mocking gleefully) or 1st world power (stolen loot, lol!). Anti homeopathy sceptics resort to the lesser public game only. They have no self evaluation - theyre blind.

One even 'suspends disbelief' regarding his religion. Another about marriage (a religious institution), etc. What kind of cherry-picking is that in a critical thinker?:)

Recently on Twitter they were mocking a homeopathic fan about not having any friends to party with, ganging up on an anti vaxxer posting her photo with her disabled son (!) from her husband's account - all to ... shame her?? What is that but a British version of a Saudi stoning/shaming tribal tradition?? And this on modern day Twitter, by so-called scientists!! sceptics, my (big)foot, lol!

But in their defense, their very primitiveness makes them useful. There is a reason I like having them  around on the homeopathy channel. They clean it up very well.

Homeopaths don't want to get their hands dirty with lying or fanciful claims of other homeopaths or fans. These sceptics do our dirty work very well, keeping our hashtag healthy and germfree. Tyvm for that!;)

Only avocado and only rarely challenges a scientific claim or two - one about a diabetic gizmo - but so mildly, lol! you'd think a sceptic could by definition be less milk and water.:)

John Horgan who wrote it probably wouldn't be thrilled by who's endorsing his write up and who's ignoring it, but I admire a truly ornery sceptic like him! He's pissing off his entire tribe with such panache that he goes after its idols, Dawkins and Hitchens, and tears them down with joyful iconoclastic zeal!

Haha, just my kind of hero to commit social suicide on such a scale for a just cause.:) Write on, bravo!

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