Friday, May 6, 2016

A Quiet Sun!:) and a few sun remedies.

So strange, the language of space weather! We've had a very quiet sun over the 2 days.:)

I can imagine it as a gaseous inferno finally. For the first time in my life I'm also aware of the sun as a nuclear reactor, so sobering and strange. To think it's full of radioactive hydrogen and helium spewing out protons and x rays. The silent fury of fusion in the deep silence of space! Good I had no Cosmonautical ambitions (and get nauseous going up in an elevator;) because I can imagine my pliant DNA melting away silently in on a rocket trip - like the Melting Man (a Sci fi movie that gave me nightmares for years).

I'm not sure if my homeopathic picks have been effective enough because of this lull. The oldest and little ones seem happier, the middle aged seem calmer but it may be from the solar sleep. The animals have handled this pre-rain period with less anxiety and more sense. yay!

It's been stressful doing all the work in the sweltering heat and then figuring out which remedies are connected to solar weather.

Most of the sun remedies are connected to the solar plexus. duh, the name should have rung a bell!

It's peculiar that the remedies also seem to change with the moon cycle - maybe that's the dominant driver for chakras? This indicates a complexity in healing them in the future - so it's not going to be a slam dunk.

I've got a few remedies going  I'm really happy with: Glononium 10m has been terrific for puking from the sun's heat and headache. Opium 30 at the sacral and Glon 10m at the crown really eased my oppressed breathing. (When my solar plexus is twisted in knots, I have real difficulty with taking a full breath - like an asthmatic, though I'm not -  mine is stress-related and emotional: grief, anxiety, power, etc).

I've never connected the sun to asthma before, but I remember this guy on a picnic developed a full-blown attack after a trek in the sun. Might be worth looking into.

Iodium 3 -to protect the thyroid (which should have been obvious, from it's similar use in radiation poisoning), Stannum 6 for radiation again (that tinfoil hat idea might have some basis in reality:),

In Biochem salts, ferrum phos 6 on a rising kp index (to bring out suppressed inflammation? Raise the blood count?). Calc phos 6 on falling kp. This has been very consistent.

On Bach flowers, Vervain for rising kp: the evil temper that goes with  rising bile, suspicion, irritability, pain in the jaw, nerve inflammation and bad humor. Gunda who  especially suffers from his terrible emotional excesses got a hold of himself with this.

I haven't tried many though in either Bach or Biochem. Just what I had at hand.

The main remedy before kp drops has been Tellurium. It clears the fogging in the brain that inflamed nerves leave in their wake. It really helped Oldiefattypuppyguy with his demented passing before the rain. Who'd have thought that it would supercede Sulphur?

Lachesis, of course, which showed me how much blood poisoning could paralyze a dog.

So much so far! Thrilled to bits. In fact, I'm feeling so benign that I'm thinking the sun's effect may have brought out all the 'vax reactions' we're seeing. The effect of the xrays, proton radiation, solar winds and geomagnetic storms appear to be major influences on health and is worth studying.

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