Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A magnetic theory about runner dogs

I just read in a post that dogs defecate in the north-south direction. And that magnetite might be responsible for the orientation. Iron often contains flecks of magnetite. http://www.newyorker.com/tech/elements/how-do-animals-keep-from-getting-lost?intcid=mod-latest

For the last two days Stripes' black kitten has been crying and racing down the stairs though it has barely opened it's eyes. kp5 and rain clouds today linked why it might be for me.

I had bought magnetis polus arcticus (and the other two, but this has been strongly drawn before) so I tried it with about 20 other remedies. it was drawn more than any other remedy with Vervain.

It worked! This black kitten and another hiding out in the box came out and went to the mother, not suicidally down the stairs. (Vervain in Bach too, indicating brain inflammation)

The last ten or so geomagnetic storms have been in the Arctic region moving up slowly from Northern Europe over the last two months.

it might explain why the three times Oldiefattypuppy took off on the last 2 months, he went *south*. Last year in October, Lekha found him in Ghalli which is due *north*. Maybe in October magnetism reverses.

[Wish it would help me find him though!! Let me try to download a compass app and search! I wonder if my mobile has a magnetometer...]

I just tried it on my own chakras. Amazing! First I developed the flow until it oscillated (as it does when healing balances). Then all the dogs began to get restless around me and itchy. Then a severe pain from ovary to ovary (g spots?) or connecting hipjoints which moved upward to the descending colon (?) which felt like it was on fire. Then to the left salivary glands which wasn't painful and back to the root chakra. The route the energy took alone makes me think it's acting on a mold or fungus (candida maybe?) that's infected the glands, molds communicating to each other. The direction was right for chi flow, so nothing wrong with that.

Maybe it is the fungi that ate magnetic and not us. And the more infected we are the more affected.
2 hours after when the effects of Reiki & mag pole a 6 were fading, the 'signal' fell straight down the front again! Saliva filled the mouth, nausea and pain in the solar plexus followed, feelings of hunger and bloated fullness alternated, burped! So the potency was too low, or repetition was necessary. What a strange remedy and what a strange reaction.
More later.

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