Thursday, April 28, 2016

Three deaths

18/4 - Black copgirl: hadn't seen her in 10 days, heard she'd been hit by a car. Died in midst of her beloved squad doing her job. The traffic police will miss her! I'll miss her enthu policing.

21/4 - silver fox, vngr temple, mia poss. dead. His brown gf is missing too, so I wonder if it's grief keeping her away or both were picked up.

23/4 - golden striped black kitten, shilla's sis, mia possibly dead.

All three, I felt, said goodbye but I didn't understand it then. The black kit especially tried to get my help following me around doggedly but I couldn't think of what she needed from me - she was eating well, all her habits were intact, no disease - did the dogs get her at night? The magnetic storm on the 23rd was especially bad. Poor love I wonder what.:(

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