Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The M Effect

Then there was the Martian man. This took up almost three months of my time on twitter because it was so funny.

Imagine two people chatting like normal when both are convinced the other is completely insane. Haha! Only on twitter, right?:) That describes Martin and me for about 2 of the 3 months.

Maybe this is how difficult it is for adults to take to each other as we age. Because after a while I got his groove and he seemed normal if a bit messed up by cynicism.:)

All the unpleasantness aside, he actually had a fun, wry sense of humor that tickled my funny bone often. Thank goodness text masks inappropriate hilarity or I'd have even fewer friends on t than I did! I think everyone hated me at one time or the other: the sceps, the history buffs, Bernie fans, the alt medders, the homeopaths, the narc vics, the Reiki healers. All of them are 'my way or the highway' cults.

But, while it turned out he wasn't (as:) insane as I first believed,  he was very susceptible to mag storms and would grow very unpleasant as it built up. 'Happily married,' my foot, or his better half is a saint.

But Martin clued me in on the heart of the sceptic problem, so I'll always be grateful to him for that.

For the longest time I'd blamed myself for the terrible break-up, the heartbreak, the bitterness, the loneliness that followed my inability to forgive or forget in my heart. I knew it was a narc problem, emotional unavailability and ego on x's side (and maybe mine too); too much investment from me, codependency and idiocy. But for years I didn't understand why it had to end.

I randomly came across an article about the pineal gland while sparring with the Martian, and it suddenly became clear!

Sceptics are just the flip side of the coin of the pineal gland affectations! (The two glands known to atrophy with age are the pineal and the thymus. They shrink and calcify.)

While healers go through a 'brain softening' atrophy of the pineal gland (the vagueness, the lack of focus, the benign acceptance of weirdness), sceptics go through a hardening, a calcification of the pineal (the linear logic, the excessive laser-like focus, the repetition of questions, the lack of both imagination and intuition).

They travel the same pathways in the brain until they wear them out in a form of Alzheimer's, an emotional but terrifying fall off the edge, while the woo-woos spread themselves so thin that they vanish into the pattern of  blank, sweet seniles who can't add 2+2 to save their lives.:)

There must be a whole lot of in betweens but this graphic will do. I now understand the rage, the power issues, the lack of higher sensitivity and caring in sceps. Whereas their solar plexus emotions are on full display, ours are in decline.

The problem also appears to be degenerative for them, so I tried borax and more veggies but I don't hold out much hope that these'll slow it down for sceps.

haha! It occurred to me that since my pineal is probably the shrinking and softening variety, I might melt it more trying to cure sceps (how much more vague can I get?:)

Maybe the homeopathic borax could do better ... more later on that one.

So I finally made my peace with the fact that It was never meant to be. It couldn't have been saved - he'll die being more of this and I'll die being more of that, & that's that. It hurts my heart just to say it. But it's over for real now.

All this I have to thank Martin for. Just by being an evil curmudgeon rampaging around my opinions, he healed up a long-lasting hole in my heart. So, the boy was telling the truth - a healer he certainly is, in his roundabout way.:)

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