Thursday, April 28, 2016

The homeopaths on Twitter

Even though initially I has real trouble getting the cagey homeopaths to open up, I made at least a few wonderful, sensitive healing friends by the end. So many Vs - Venkatesh, Vasily, Vera - and Dibankar (who had me in splits every day). I'd have liked to get to know more of them - Lokesh, Em, etc. but it didn't happen. Not much chat on the chan.

These homeopaths are working with humans so I can understand the pressure they're under on a daily basis from sceps. If I go back, I'll look forward to building on these for sure. I hope they're around 6 months from now (if I don't find something better than t)!

The sceps seem determined to get people to quit Twitter (it really is crazy how possessive these fools are, gurumir suggesting I should leave, ... crazy,  but for me ... freedom!:) Do they really think pushing homeopathy off a chat space will make it go away?? Maybe they think people will hear less about it and it will die an obscure death?

(Like moderators on IRC pushing people out of chans  until they and their coterie are bored senseless on a dying chat forum! All chat rooms have a finite life expectancy because of this! Victims of their own idiocy.:)

The best homeopathy group formed was the 25+ organised by Sandra who had great ideas for #homeopathy! Pity I can't be there to see if it comes to anything. Still, if it takes a half a year, I might still get to be a part of it.

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