Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Butterfruit

Imagine my surprise when I got on Twitter and realised that there was a very determined mind on the bitter scep side of life! He just caught my eye, after he pointed out some homeopathic error in my thinking (yes, sceps often know enough to check our knowledge, yet can't put it together meaningfully for themselves).

I thought I knew him from other social nets, but not. Either he's Indian (they always seem so familiar on the net!) or I know him from another life. A healer possibly - I can't be drawn to any other kind I'm convinced, lol - but one who had no idea that he was.

He was doing good work in clearing up homeopathic thought on the #channels, so I left him alone once he'd blocked me. Yes, blocked! Probably for telling him he was a healer just like us? Arrogant jerk, though it's hard to say with men why they do what they do in bursts of testosterone. (There's another story about scep blocks that I need to write about later - miraculous almost.)

But his post selections for ridicule and rt had pattern and made the most interesting reading - like having an editor's choice picks laid out for healers. That fascinated me to the end. Lovely interesting bits.

The most disturbing aspect of his energy was how much of it he transmitted over text. I've never seen anything like it (except from Darth Vader and the sith!:). I remember this one time reading what he wrote within minutes and I felt the energy travel all the way from my solar plexus down through my legs, feet and toes. That someone could pack such a punch into text is astonishing - maybe read a few hours later it would have dissipated? (Why didn't i think of that before?)

I can't think of how such hate can be good for him ... why (and how) do people accumulate so much power? I wonder if power is natural to focused minds and goes as in the adage,"power corrupts & absolute power corrupts absolutely." Does it turn naturally into hate, rage and contempt from stagnation?

I would have liked to see how this mind goes in a few years: Does the texting outlet preserve his balance (like rap works off rage effectively) or does it weaken his mind? Should be a real study.

And he has a fine predator instinct! Is that from the solar plexus though? I wonder if the balance has always been between the sp and brain in animals. It was a treat to see the combo in a human for a change. Overall, this fruit fascinated me.

I still wonder if he'll ever break out of the focused shell his mind is in and discover his full capacity. In the 8 months though, I saw no sign of it.

If anything, the frustration just seemed to grow. Although he did reduce his intensity over text when I drew his attention to it, that was control over the solar plexus not the head. The hate, rage, the lack of insight, a deeper incomprehension of the life force ... I'd like to think that one day it'll all come together right for him but probably not. Life is never that kind. (but there's a cat with him who might do something psychic, so ...:)

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